Cindy Killip: Health and Fitness Specialist, Health Coach, Author, Speaker
      Cindy Killip

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Cindy Killip is an Award-Winning Author and Speaker, Certified Health Coach, Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer who has been has been teaching and writing about exercise and wellness since 1989. She is a master at making difficult concepts and complex subject matter easy to understand. With her combination of compassion, humor, and a wealth of knowledge, Cindy is in high demand as a writer, speaker and fitness expert. She authored the book, “Living the BONES Lifestyle: A Practical Guide to Conquering the Fear of Osteoporosis,” and has published articles with Livestrong, The NestWoman Fitness, Healthy Living, Chron Fitness, and eHow Fitness, among others.

Cindy holds BA degrees in Communications and Sociology, both from Trinity University, where she also took a pre-med curriculum and minored in lifetime wellness. She continued her education with graduate work in Exercise Physiology at the University of New Mexico, and holds multiple certifications through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Cindy is the CEO of Level Head Wellness, a company committed to giving you the treasure of knowledge so that you can enjoy your life and achieve your goals with a “level head.” The company’s mission is to provide scientifically accurate information and offer fun and practical solutions to improve your health and wellness.