Tensing & Releasing Exercises

Tensing and releasing muscles is a technique that is used to strengthen and release muscles, reduce stress and return the body and mind to a state of balance. Often combined with deep breathing and imagery, it is used by athletes, musicians and actors, as well as people rehabilitating from an illness or injury. Progressive relaxation uses this […]

Slow-Twitch vs. Fast-Twitch in Swimming

Swimming is a competitive sport that requires cardiovascular endurance, strength, correct stroke mechanics and natural ability. In many sports, an important factor determining natural ability is the genetic makeup of your muscles, particularly the percentage of slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers. In general, people who are good at aerobic endurance activities like marathon running have more […]

Bosu Vs. a Wobble Board

When you first begin balance training, you should practice on a stable surface. Once that becomes easy, you’ll want an additional challenge. Both Bosu balls and wobble boards provide an unstable surface that challenges balance and helps develop functional strength, coordination and core stability. In both cases, you must learn how to keep your center […]

The Best Exercises for Tired Muscles in a Swimming Pool

Tired muscles are a common concern no matter what your age or activity level. Your muscles may be tired from a workout, yard work, a chronic medical condition or from rehabilitating an injury. An aquatic-based recovery workout reduces muscle fatigue and post-exercise pain, partly because the hydrostatic properties of water help decrease inflammation, according to a study […]