Quotes on Athletic Training

In the world of sports, mental training is as important as physical training. To reach peak form, athletes must push through difficult workouts, grueling schedules and extreme conditions. Quotes from coaches and other athletes can help them get through the difficulties toward success. These quotes can be applied to everyday life as well, encouraging you […]

Exercises for Pear Shaped Women

This article appears on Livestrong.com, Last Updated: Feb 09, 2014  While most women covet the traditional hourglass figure, many women won’t achieve it, even with exercise. This is because your natural body shape is determined by your skeletal structure and the distribution of muscle and fat within your body. If you are a pear-shaped woman, you won’t […]

Squats With Hand Weights

  A squat is a compound, whole-body exercise that targets the muscles in your lower body and back. If performed correctly, squats help prevent injuries, enhance sports performance, promote mobility, improve balance and strengthen bones that are at risk of weakening due to osteoporosis. By adding hand weights, you can increase the load on your […]

Wobble Board Benefits

A wobble board is an exercise device used to improve balance, functional strength and mental focus. Wobble boards have a flat surface supported over a less stable cylinder or ball. Balancing on the flat surface challenges your muscles and proprioception as your body and mind adapt to moving on the unstable support below. Wobble boards […]